The Importance of Social Media Marketing
October 30, 2019
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As a Marketing Agency Owner, I find myself being targeted via sponsored ads by so-called Marketing Gurus on Social Media daily. The Internet Marketing arena has become saturated with Get Rich Quick claims from anyone with access to a smartphone, Facebook and WiFi. Do not get me wrong, I whole heartedly believe in the effectiveness of Digital Marketing via platforms such as Facebook Business Manager and Instagram. However, my concern is the theory that a Marketing budget along with a paid Social Media Marketing is enough to build a business.

To begin, I think the most important quality a brand can possess is Integrity. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principals; moral uprightness. In the right hands, integrity leads to work ethic, continued education and a commitment to exceeding expectation. These are the traits that successful leaders possess and project upon those who look to them for an guidance.

That same Integrity must exist in one’s value proposition when positioning the Scope of their Digital Marketing services to a perspective client. Today, I logged on Facebook and saw yet another series of amateur Internet Marketing ads portraying a lifestyle of Foreign Cars, Vacations and Financial Freedom as a result of posting targeted ads on Facebook. Too many times I see owners make the mistake of believing a Web Marketing campaign is enough to fix the underlying problems that are weighing down their business.

The truth is, it starts with You! Scaling a Business absolutely starts with the philosophy and leadership within the Organization. I consider any Marketing strategy (Direct Marketing, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Lead Generation) you may employ to be the sum of the parts, similar to players on your favorite sports team. Individually the players may or may not be great, however when put together in conjunction with great leadership and defined culture the result is magical. As I previously stated, this starts with Integrity, which is why as a Business Owner you ensure client satisfaction and become obsessed with Customer Service. Internet Marketing strategies then become the vessel that introduces the mass public to your core values of Quality, Service and Integrity.

At Direct Web Marketing Group, our small business clients understand the impact that Corporate philosophy has on campaign performance and ROI, which is why many initially made the switch. We don’t claim to be Web Marketing Gurus, nor do we promise over night results. However we do realize that when placed in the right hands, Internet Marketing strategies will increase the bottom line and produce a steady return on investment.

My conclusion, avoid the so called Internet Marketing Gurus, who promise overnight results. Align your company’s future with a Web Marketing Agency that mirrors the value proposition you deliver to your customers. One that is prudent in recommendation yet high in quality. I personally thank you for taking time to digest my Corporate philosophy. In closing, I ask that you remember throughout history in the US marketplace, the race has gone to the steady and not the swift.

Thank You for Your Business,

Author – Orie Adams
Founder – Direct Web Marketing Group
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